Update on Sewer Network serving Bromley Green Road

From: Lownds, Ryan [mailto:Ryan.Lownds@southernwater.co.uk]
Sent: 10 July 2014 12:17
To: ‘Alison Tanton’
Subject: RE: Meeting tonight

HI Alison,

As you know SDS Services Ltd, working on behalf of Southern Water, were enlisted to undertake an extensive infiltration and inundation survey on the sewer network serving Bromley Green Road. All accessible public manholes were lifted and checked for evidence of infiltration. The SDS investigation identified areas of groundwater infiltration and ponding of surface water that is, at points, entering the Vaccum system. It has also been suggested that the surface water system in Bromley Green Road has been unable to cope with the road runoff ever since the ditches were piped at this location. In addition these ditches, that used to take the runoff from the woods to the North, no longer do so and the runoff now tends to flow across the road or pond around driveways and could be infiltrating the foul water system.

Following completion of the infiltration and inundation study, a meeting between Southern Water Services and Kent County Council (KCC) was arranged to discuss the findings and agree upon action moving forward. The meeting took place on Thursday 22nd May with the following action points being raised;

• KCC to look into reports of restrictions in the surface water sewer. An area of concern has been highlighted and is being investigated. This includes a CCTV survey which was completed on Friday 23rd May.

• KCC to look at the network of ditches in the surrounding land to ensure they flow without restriction.

• Kent County Highways will carry out a full length cleanse and jet of their assets to ensure no blockages exist in the line.

• KCC to look at the assets which also connect to properties on Hamstreet. However, this will be more challenging due to traffic management but assurances have been made that the investigations will be undertaken.

We are also currently reviewing options available to tackle the groundwater that has been identified as infiltrating  the system.

In relation to the ongoing works being completed by service partner Barhale Trant Utilities (BTU). The points listed below details the work carried out on the Bromley Green Road Waste Pumping Station as part of the Total Care Plan (TCP)

• Replacing 2 vacuum pumps with 3 new vacuum pumps including pipe work valves and fittings
• Replacing both Sewerage forwarding pumps with uprated ones including new pipe work valves and fittings
• Service all pod valves in customer properties
• Install new Air Ingress Timer into Vacuum Line

This work is currently nearing completion.


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