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Useful Information

Next meetings of the Parish Council:

Finance Parish Meeting: Friday 25th September 2020

I hereby give you notice that a Council Meeting will be held via Zoom on: Friday 25th September 2020 at 6pm

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder.

Dated this 21st September 2020, Caroline Laming, Parish Clerk


  1. To consider the report of the Internal Auditor
  2. To approve the statement of Internal Control
  3. To approve the Annual Governance Statement 2019/20
  4. To approve the Accounting Statements 2019/20
  5. Appointment of Internal Auditor for the forthcoming municipal year.
  6. To approve the schedule of payments and bank balances
  7. Appointment of Responsible Finance Officer and Proper Officer

Regular Parish Meeting: Thursday 8th October 2020

Meeting agenda to be published one week before the meeting.

Coronavirus pandemic – support links

Community comes together

Click the above link to download a booklet produced by the ‘Hamstreet Community Comes Together’ support network with useful and general information on how to access support.

  • Don’t Get Scammed – It is important the Community stays safe
  • Helping Hands – Support with the practical things when you can’t leave the house
  • Telephone Chat Group – Are you living alone?
  • Food Bank – coordinator telephone numbers
  • Guidance from the NHS

Ashford Borough Council: Coronavirus: help for the community – view via this link:


Ashford Local Plan – Planning Inspectorate report

Report on the Examination of the Ashford Local Plan 2030 by The Planning Inspectorate. The Plan was submitted for examination on 21 December 2017. The examination hearings were held between 11 April and 13 June 2018. The report was published on 2 January 2019. Click this link to download it

Parishioners should read paragraphs 184-190. They refer specifically to policies HOU3a and  HOU5 now part of the ABC Local Plan 2030 and affect Ruckinge.
Here is the direct link to the ABC web site where the source documents can be found: Local Plan

Village Confines exerise

Planning Officers at Ashford Borough Council have drawn the confines around a number of rural settlements in the borough.including Ruckinge Parish. The Council intend to confirm this mapped line for the purposes of determining future relevant planning applications.

The exercise is intended to be for clarification purposes only, and does not change the meaning of the Council’s planning policies or their application. It does not make development of a site more or less likely to occur. It is merely an exercise to visually represent the confines of certain settlements, using the long established written definition as the guide. The definition which underpins the drawn confines is established in the emerging Local Plan 2030 which states a village confines is the:

 “limits of continuous and contiguous development forming the  existing built-up area of the settlement, excluding any curtilage  beyond the built footprint of the buildings on the site (e.g. garden areas)”.

Click the link to download the draft Ruckinge village confines

Report pot holes

Use the following link via the ABC web site: Report a pot hole

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

Aaron Newell is the Saxon Shore PCSO. He is on hand to deal with your concerns about any crime and anti-social behaviour and can also give you some advice to help you protect yourself, your home and your property from crime. Contact- T: 101 – to speak to him or be put through to an officer best placed to deal with your enquiry. E: aaron.newell@kent.pnn.police.uk

Illegal fly-tipping in the Parish

There have been three incidents of fly-tipping in the parish this month in Hog Tub Lane, and Poundhurst Road. If you see any fly-tipping please use the form on the ABC web site to report it – accessed via this link: Report fly tipping

Rural Means Rural

The campaign for Rural Means Rural is the voice of residents in the villages surrounding Ashford, Kent, who are concerned about the inappropriate housing development in the countryside and damage to the rural environment. Here are links to Facebook, 38o Petition and Twitter pages where you can make your voice heard.

 ‘Omission’ sites – Ruckinge

Update November 2017: The two sites within the parish boundary (shown below) submitted to ABC for inclusion in the Ashford Local Plan and initially rejected, have been re-submitted for reconsideration, and are on the ‘reserve’ list of sites that could be considered by ABC in December. Here are links to the submission cover letter to ABC by the Landowner dated 30th August 2017, and the representation made by the Developer  dated 10th August 2017.

As of now the Parish Council has not been alerted formally of the revised submission.  We infer from this action that there is a very real chance that the sites will appear in the Draft Local Plan put to the Local Planning Inspectorate in the coming weeks.


Ashford Local Plan

Here are links to information to view and documents to download:

Relevant extract from plan – change of status for Ruckinge:

The planning status of Ruckinge parish is about to change, when the Ashford Local Plan is adopted – here is the key extract:

Policy HOU4 – Residential Development in the rural settlements
Minor residential development and infilling of a scale that can be easily integrated into the existing settlement will be acceptable within the confines of the following settlements:

Aldington, Appledore, Appledore Heath, Bethersden, Biddenden, Bilsington, Boughton Lees/Eastwell, Brabourne Lees/Smeeth, Brook, Challock, Charing, Charing Heath, Chilham, Crundale, Egerton, Egerton Forstal, Godmersham, Great Chart, Hamstreet, Hastingleigh, High Halden, Hothfield, Kenardington, Little Chart, Mersham, Molash, Newenden, Old Wives Lees, Pluckley, Pluckley Thorne, Pluckley Station, Rolvenden, Rolvenden Layne, Ruckinge, Shadoxhurst, Shottenden, Smarden, Stone in Oxney, Tenterden (including St Michaels) Warehorne, Westwell, Wittersham, Woodchurch and Wye.

Landscape and Village Protection Policy (LVPP)

Ruckinge Parish Council endorses the Landscape and Village Protection Policy and will be taking steps to work with subject matter experts to develop a plan for the parish.

Update: May 2018: The ABC Draft Plan is being reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate. On 1st May written representation of the Landscape Protection Policy was presented by Peter Brett Associates. A copy of their submission may be downloaded here

Here is a link where you can download a protection policy prepared by consultants on behalf of Aldington Parish submitted to the planning policy manager officer at Ashford Borough Council responsible for the Ashford Plan. The contents list policy categories, and supporting evidence. The overriding objective is formal adoption of the policy into the Local Plan.

Borough Councillor: Jane Martin has produced a newsletter on ‘Saxon Shore Matters’ including the LVPP that parishioners should be aware of – you may download it here

Cherrytree Paddock, Bromley Green Road

Ashford Borough Council received a revised planning application for change of use of land to use as a residential caravan site for one gypsy family with two caravans, including retention of hardstanding and erection of utility building. The application was rejected and an enforcement order applied. The applicant appealed against the enforcement order: Ref: APP/E2205/C/15/3137477. An inquiry was held into the appeal, adjudicated by The Planning Inspectorate.

Update 7th November 2018: The appeal has been dismissed by The Planning Inspectorate, and the enforcement notice upheld. A copy of the appeal decision can be downloaded via this link Appeal Decision.

Carters Field – Picnic Tables.

We are looking for a group of volunteers to become ‘Friends of Carters Field’ to manage and publicise the amenity for the enjoyment of all parishioners. If you are interested please email: clerk2012@ruckinge-pc.gov.uk.

We have replaced the two picnic tables stolen last July.

Parish Speed Indicator Device (SID) Scheme

The Parish Council has decided with much reluctance to suspend the Speed Indicator Device (SID) initiative for our village. We cannot find an adequate location for the sighting of a device mounting pole on the Eastern approach to Ruckinge along the B2067 Hamstreet Road.

We have had several meetings with KCC Highways on this matter, resulting in their requirement for a Deed of Easement to be executed by identified landowner(s) to allow the pole to be installed on their land; the legal covenants contained therein have proved too onerous.

In a sense, we are victims of geography; there are so few suitable locations that meet KCC Highways criteria to install the device.

Comments from parishioners welcomed…..

Replacement Streetlight

A new streetlight has been installed outside the churchyard.


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