Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration – 4th June 2012

Over 100 people attended on the day and provided such marvellous food.

Particular mention should go to:

  • Alison Tanton and family (her daughter Jodie was an excellent face painter)
  • Sally and Don Wardroper for the organisation of the rounders and invitation delivery
  • The Village Hall Committee
  • Pip Collick, Liz Williams and Iris Milstead for the excellent historical display
  • The Rev, Rod Whateley for the loan of the Notice Boards
  • Steve and Julia at the Blue Anchor for use of their field for Rounders and their support
  • All resident of Ransley Green for their support and patience on the day.
  • Mary Silibourne for the fantastic Jubilee Cake.
  • Peter Silibourne for the safety fencing along Ransley Green and the incredible beacon.
  • Jane and Alan Johnson for providing the straw bales.

…and finally, all those people who so kindly gave their time and assistance on the day.

Stuart and Fran Cross.

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