Meeting Minutes – May 2015


Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 14th May 2015 at 8:10 pm in the Village Hall.
Present: Cllr. S.  Denis in the Chair, Cllrs. P. Sillibourne, D. Guy and the Clerk, Mrs  M. Shaw.
In Attendance: Cllr. Miss J. Martin.
Ten members of the public.
Apologies: Cllrs. A. Beaney, Mrs F. Burt, Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison.
Election of Chairman: Cllr. P. Sillibourne proposed Cllr. S. Denis, seconded by Cllr. D. Guy , there being no other nominations Cllr. S. Denis Duly elected as Chairman, who signed his “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”.
Election of Vice-Chairman: Cllr. D. Guy was proposed by Cllr P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr S. Denis, there being no other nominations, Cllr. D. Guy duly elected as Vice-Chairman.
Declarations of interest: There were none.
Representatives: The appointments were deferred until a full council is present.
Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated,  these were resolved as a correct record, proposed by Cllr. P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr. D. Guy.
Matters Arising: Sewage problems along Bromley Green Road – Cllr. J. Martin gave an update.The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 p.m. to allow members of the Public to speak about the unauthorised motorcycling events along the A2070. Cllr. J. Martin was able to update the members of the public. It is understood that this is under investigation by the A.B.C. Solicitors department.The meeting reconvened at 8.45 p.m. and the majority of the public then left.

  • PCSO report.
Finance: Treasurers Account as at  30th April  £ 16,275 – 99 (includes  half year, precept, concurrent functions grant and A.B.C. support grant)  £ 5,275 – 00.The Annual Audit Form was completed, approved and signed by the Chairman.
The Chairman signed the approved account book.K & S Accountancy Services, re direct debit –  it was proposed by Cllr. P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr. D. Guy to sign the direct debit form.Cheques were drawn:-Aon Insurance, combined insurances,  £ 457 – 35.Web-site Fee  £18 – 10
Planning: 15/00572/AS  Cherry Tree Paddock, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge.  Replacement barn and stable block. The application was supported.
Carters Field/Bromley Green Hall: Trees – it was not known if there had been done yet.It was agreed that the grass should be mown by Mr Sillibourne.
Highways & Byways: There is a water leak at the top of Dimon Hill.The byway Gill Lane, Hog Tub to Herne Hill has virtually been destroyed. (Chairman to report it to PROW)
Web site: The annual subscriptions are soon due, it was agreed that these be paid when received.
Village Hall Condition and Future: Nothing further on the application, The Clerk had contacted Michelle Byrne who indicated it was for the hall Committee to complete the application.The Chairman had chaired a meeting of the “inaugural” meeting of the new Village Hall Committee. Mr Stuart Cross is the new Chairman.
Items of Interest: The Freedom of Information request was discussed, the Clerk will forward various documentation in support of her replies.It was agreed to invite the person to attend the next or following meeting to address his problems directly to the Parish Council.
Date of the Next Meeting: The next Meeting of the Parish Council was agreed for Thursday, 11th June 2015 at 8 p.m. in Ruckinge Village Hall.There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.

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