Ruckinge Village Hall Report 2013/2014

First of all I must thank my committee for their hard work during the past year.

We have managed to keep it going in spite of a shortage of funds. We stated this time last year at the AGM that we would carry on until the AGM of 2015 and then if no one had come forward to take over from us at that time we would stand down and hand the management back to the Parish Council, this I intend to do with your permission.

We have not had a bad year for bookings but without the donations from Ruckinge history group and a £500 donation from the parish magazine, we would have been in a sorry state cash wise.

I managed to obtain a grant to help pay for the oil tank last year and I hope that we may be able to get a grant or at least a loan to pay for the repairs to the roof and chimney this year.

We seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back with our bank account every year. Each year there seems to be a crisis of some sort and the bank account drains and we are left with next to nothing. However we are still solvent at the moment so let’s keep it going for another year. Can I suggest that we make a big effort to advertise in the parish mag. The Kentish Express the village directory and by word of mouth and anywhere else you can think of to try and get someone to take over from us.

Once again I say thankyou to Rosemary Collick, Sue Owens, David Harden, Dereck Harris, Barry Leaning and not forgetting Dick Shaw, the only person that knows how to work the de humidifier, for giving up your time to look after the hall Add the ages of the seven of us together and you have a combined total of about 500 years

Here’s hoping that 2014/15 is a better year for our last year.

Tony Beaney (Chairman)

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