Ruckinge Village Hall Report 2012/2013

A not very good year from a bookings point of view and therefore our bank balance is very low.   Due to fact that our insurance company insisted that we had to have a bunded oil tank before they would insure the hall this year we are now £1600 lower than we should be. Currently we have a balance of £851.80 and an empty oil tank!

In March I applied to William Howard our borough council ward member for a grant to part cover the cost of the new oil tank but sadly to date this has not come through.

In September last we had an Italian evening that was very successful thanks to my wife and this raised about £200 profit. We have also had a number of history group evenings in the hall and without their donations to the hall funds we would be in a very sorry state.

Including myself we currently have 6 people that keep this hall running, 2 of these don’t even live in Ruckinge. We are all getting a bit on the old side and would really like some new people to replace us, we will not be able to go on for ever, we do need some new blood in this committee and have therefore decided that if we have no new people to replace us by AGM 2015 we will hand the hall back to the Parish Council.

Tony Beaney (Chairman)

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