Meeting Minutes – November 2011

Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 10th November 2011 at 8 p.m. in the Village Hall.
Present: Cllr. P. Sillibourne in the Chair, Cllr. D. Guy, Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, Cllr. Mrs F. Burt, Cllr. Mrs A. Tanton and the Clerk, Mrs M. C. Shaw.
In Attendance: Cllr William Howard (Borough Councillor) and 5 Parishioners.
Apologies: Cllr Mrs F. Burt.
Declarations of Interest: There were none.The Chairman, Cllr P. Sillibourne welcome the new Borough Councillor Mr William Howard to the meeting.
Minutes: The minutes had been circulated; these were unanimously agreed as a correct record and were duly signed by the Chairman.
Matters Arising: Local Needs Housing– the building works are on schedule, the bore-holes are currently being sunk for the ground heat source, these go into the ground 60 metres. The contractors have kept the road as clean and clear as possible to minimize disruption to nearby residents.Costa Cottage, Tree felling– nothing further. To be pursued with A.B.C.Bus Services – nothing further“Doggie” Bins– Cllr Mrs A. Tanton has met with the Dog Warden for the appropriate locations, some of which are on K.C.C. land,the Dog Warden will investigate further.  In the meantime to be left in abeyance. The litter bin near the phone box in Bromley Green Road has disappeared, has been investigated but will also be left for the time being.Caravans, Silver Birches– Cllr A. Beaney had visited the site and had been in contact with the site owner, Mr Welsh, and Cllr Beaney detailed the situation as itcurrently exists.The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.10 p.m. to allow two members of the public to address the meeting and to detail the problems which they are encountering with the owners representatives on the site. The Borough Councillor was interested to learn of the site from the resident’s perspective, he detailed the full planning history and would ensure that the Borough Council are aware of the current works and the harassment of the two residents in attendance.The Chairman reconvened the meeting at 8.50 p.m.Mobile Home caravans, Bilsington– this Planning application is due to go before the Planning Committee next Wednesday, it was thought that this is being rushed through.Playground equipment– in view of the high quotation to carry out remedial work to the swings and slide it was proposed by Cllr A. Beaney, seconded by Cllr. D. Guy that these should be decommissioned and unanimously agreed.It was suggested by the Borough Councillor that the village be consulted on what facilities would be liked, as grants from Ashford Borough Council and K.C.C. are available for play/recreational equipment projects.
Vacancy: Two candidates had been nominated for the vacancy and the election will be held on Thursday, 24th November. Poll cards have already been issued to electors.
  • Clerks & Councils Direct
  •  A.B.C. Urban Sites and Infrastructure Development Plan Document Parish Forum notes and agendas – Cllr D. Guy had attended and gave a very a comprehensive report of the Parish Forum especially housing and the “Handyman Trial scheme” currently being carried out at Aldington and Bonnington.
  •  Kent
  • South East Water
  • Public Rights of Way Modification
  • Kent Minerals & Waste
  • K.C.C. Grounds Maintenance
  • Standards Committee


Highways & Byways: The Salt Bag had been delivered. A Kissing Gate has been installed at Horton Green and a Sleeper Bridge at Hog Tub. Nothing further on Kits bridge Lane, it was reported that a horse-ride had been using this route for numerous years with no problems and was willing to put this in writing. Pot-holes have been reported to Highways in particular at Roughstocks wood area and Bromley Green Road.
Bromley Green Notice Board: Nothing further.
War Memorial: There is a provisional agreement with the Church for a “picture” type Memorial on the internal wall to match the existing one listing the Vicars of the Parish.
Canal Access: Nothing further on this, the letter had been passed to Mr P. Collick.  It was considered that with the current Health and Safety regulations implications and the costs would be prohibitive and it was not a viable project.
Finance: Treasurers Account  £ 7,473.46 (Half year Precept £ 3,000 and Concurrent Functions Grant £335 included).
Speed Restrictions: It was pointed out that the speed restrictions in the Village already are 30 mph and it was highly unlikely to be reduced further especially as the village does not have a school. It was thought that the speed restriction areas should be extended further along Hamstreet Road. Speed checks have been carried out by the police regularly. The possibility of rumble strips is to be investigated with K.C.C.
Carters Field Football Club Use: The rejected use of Carters Field by Bromley Green Football Club had been dealt with by the Chairman.
Planning: Approval  received: –11/01081/AS Mrs Donna Brann, Unit 1, Meadow View Industrial Estate, Hamstreet Road, Ruckinge. Change of use from Bl  to  SUI Generis/Bl to trade as a beauty salon.Refusal received:- 11/00920/AS Mrs Wainwright and Mr & Mrs Higgins, Longacres, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge. Conversion of existing detached garage into dwelling including the erection of a porch, creation of a first floor with dormer windows.
Public Time: There was nothing further to be added by parishioners to that discussed earlier in the meeting.
Borough Councillor: The new Borough Councillor, Cllr W. Howard gave a very informative report on various items including the effects of the introduction of the Localism Bill on Parish Councils, which will have a great impact on planning issues. The future of refuse collections and its disposal, etc.
Any Other Business: The Village sign at Forge House had been re-painted where it was peeling off.The Blue Anchor had changed hands yet again and they will be opening on Saturday, 12th November.Queens Jubilee celebration is to be on the next agenda.
Date of the Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was agreed for Thursday, 1st December 2011 at 8 p.m. in the Village Hall. There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.10 p.m.

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